Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God IS Good

I hope this makes sense and is not just ramblings from my head.

I haven't posted anything in awhile, mostly because I have been stuck. Not in a good place at all. I had applied for 4 different teaching jobs and went to 3 interviews that I thought were pretty good and that I had done well on. I also thought they were jobs that God wanted me to have because they fit into our schedule of having to transport Jakob to and from school. I have to transport him to and from school because he was displaced to a school outside of our housing area because of overcrowding.

They were not the jobs that God wanted me to have, even though I thought they would be perfect for me and for my family life. The 4th application served me a letter to say thank you for applying, but we went with someone else. These rejections made me sad and they made me doubt my abilities and what God was up to in my life.

Here is the kicker. I decided I was just going to stay home and be happy about it and this was going to be my life this year. I was totally okay with that. In fact I had started to plan some activities to do, like make some ornaments for the Christmas tree, maybe do a little scrapbooking, stuff like that. And I thought I would go down and turn in my paperwork to be a substitute teacher. So I did that yesterday. Had my fingerprints done, went to the Health Department to have a TB test, was given a stack of papers to finish filling out and bring back on Wednesday.

So, I get home from all of this and the phone rings and it is the person in charge over at the Alternative school in town asking if I might be interested in working with them at the school. So I got back in my car, drove over to the school to meet with her. The job is working with special needs kids or with kids who can't go to school because they medically cannot attend and so they do their work at home and turn it in for credit.

And you know what? The hours fit my son's school schedule.

I am so excited about this opportunity.
God is so good.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

So cool, Jill!

Though I come up with plans A, B, and C...God always seems to have W in mind!

Good to hear from you!


Ang baylis said...

God is SO good! I am very happy for you! Just when you needed it most! Wow!!!
Much love,
Angie xxo

thouartloosed said...

He loves to work outside our box! Congrats on the perfect job.