Monday, December 22, 2008


The snow has kept us from travelling across the mountains to spend Christmas with our families. We have chosen to stay home and have Christmas here. There is a lot more snow since this picture was taken and one of the mountain passes we were going to have to cross was closed yesterday.

I have been sad the last couple of days because I was looking forward to spending time with my mom. But in some ways, not being able to go anywhere has been a good thing. The kids are looking forward to doing some things around our new town that they haven't been able to do and we are getting a chance to see how this house handles winter.

It has been fun being all together too. This is the first time that David has not had to take leave to spend time with us. His schedule matches our schedule now. This alone is a huge blessing to our family.
Well, I am off to shovel some snow off the driveway so I can get out to run some much needed errands.


Jeni said...

That's beautiful, Jill!! We hardly ever get snow here near Nashville. All we've had so far is days & days of freezing rain - if it's going to be that cold, I'd much rather have the pretty snow!

Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your time together!

thouartloosed said...

Sorry that you didn't the time you'd hoped for with your mom. The snow is so beautiful, though.