Monday, February 1, 2010


What's up with it being so long since I have visited this space and actually taken the time to write anything down?

Where have I been you may be wondering, or perhaps you don't wonder at all, which is fine too...

I have been here, in Montana now for over a year and I guess "Life" has finally settled in on us and taken over in our household. I am now working full time and loving it.

Both children are swimming full time on top of school and church activities. I had no idea swimming could be a full time gig, but indeed it can be. Our son is close to having a B time to where he could compete at the state level in one of his strokes. Our daughter still views swimming as a social activity and so her times are not as fast as they could

We spent a fabulous vacation this summer travelling across the country for a month with my parents. The kids had an amazing time and saw many things. The best time they had was returning to Virginia for a couple of days to hang out with their swimming buddies for a day and going to Vacation Bible School for 1 day at our old church.

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family and Christmas with mine. We took the train from Whitefish, MT to Everett, WA. The only downside to the train was that it travelled at night so we couldn't see anything. But, we had a fabulous time on Whidbey Island for 10 days.

Winter has set in and we are seeing lots of snowy days but the days are finally getting longer and the sun will shine upon us soon. I am so looking forward to spring.

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