Friday, February 22, 2008

Count Your Many Blessings

We are home from school today due to foul weather. Actually I was just out on the roads which are not too bad at the moment. I had to get my Military ID card renewed today before it expired tomorrow. Nothing like waiting til the very last minute.
I was going to have to take off from work in order to accomplish this task, but school was closed and so I didn't have to lose a day after all. God is good. :0)

Last week we had to put 2 new tires on our van because the tread was Valentine's present, nothing says love like safety. Drove home, had a lovely weekend, took van back to dealer to fix something else on Monday, drove home and somehow drove over a huge bolt which chose to go right into brand new tire. Tuesday, van went back to dealer for new tire...

Timing is everything, snow started falling on Wednesday...God is good.

I am blessed with a family that not only loves me but likes me.
I am blessed with friends that like me and some that even love me.
I am blessed with a home and food to put on the table.
I am blessed with a vehicle that works and has new tires.
I am blessed with good health and with children who are healthy.
And as my husband is standing over my shoulder, of course I am twice blessed to have him in my life. :0)

My loving husband just found out he can stay home instead of trek into work and he doesn't have to go to class tonight either. Another blessing, he can play with the kids this afternoon. I can hear the sounds of Hot Wheels and Legos in the basement.


Susan said...

I think that, when we stay in His Word, trusting Him, He does bless us! And if it just doesn't go our least if we are doing the above...we can FIND the blessing.
Love u.

Susan said...

Yes...THAT's better! Thank you! Love u!