Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nervous Knots

I have had a nervous stomach all day...
Started out with a conference with my daughter's teacher.
That went okay, I knew exactly what the teacher was going to say, "your daughter seems to have a lack of focus that is necessary for learning the material this year for the tests in the spring."
I am well aware of the "lack of focus" in my daughter, we have been dealing with it for a very long time. I have gone down the sticker route, been kind and encouraging, yelled until I am purple, threatened loss of privilege, everything under the sun and NOTHING seems to work.
She has been check from top to bottom and still nothing.

So, as I am driving to work this morning to play with 12 3 year olds, I hear a still small voice whisper, "Tell Me." Of course this just reduces me to tears. Not a surprising result, I can cry over a Hallmark commercial, but this was different. They were tears of frustration, crying out, "I Just Don't Know What To Do Anymore." I parked my car and told Him what he already knows.
1 Peter 5:7 says, "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." I have to remember the word ALL. I also need to "Be still and know that He is God." -Psalm 46:10 He is not finished with who my daughter is or will become and he has plans for her that I know nothing about.


Susan said...

As you've been down this path with me and my know...KNOW...that it will be okay. You're not in charge. I'm not in charge. He is in Control. It's the UNKNOWN right now that has your tummy in knots. Mine STILL gets in knots...but that is because my girl is now 16...almost 17!
Hugs & love. You know where I am!

thouartloosed said...

You and your girl are in my prayers today. I've been where you are more than once!
She will make it through in her own way. Keep doing what you're doing:loving her and trusting her to God.

Angi said...

I feel your pain! Every year my daughter's teachers tell me she works too slowly. What can I do? That is her personality. Ugggggghhhh!