Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go West

Yesterday was Western Day at school in honor of Spirit Week and because the sixth grade chorus was doing a play called Go West. My children dressed up in western gear and headed off to school. When I picked up Jakob from school he asked if he could go and play with a buddy. I told him sure and off he went. Because Rebekkah was staying after school, I took off for a bit on my own to browse Tuesday Morning. I had never been before and had heard many things about it. I found nothing I needed or really wanted, so I headed back to the school to pick up my girl.
We came home, quick did some homework, and were off to get the boy from his friend's house and run to get a fast dinner before Rebekkah had to be back to the school for the play.
We ran over to Subway for sandwiches and fun conversation with my children.
As we were heading to the school, my son piped up and said, "Do I have to go to the play again? I already watched it at school and it was really boring." To which Rebekkah relpyed, "Thanks a lot." "Yes, we have to go to the play and watch your sister, I brought your homework, you can work on that." He was less than thrilled.
We found our seats, saving one for Daddy, and the homework was finished before the play started. It was a cute play and the kids did a great job.


Susan said...

Jakob's missing tooth totally makes this picture! Of course, I have the pleasure of having seen his father all decked out with a couple gold teeth...I'll have to find (and post) those pictures...


Teri said...

Love kids plays!