Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebekkah!!

Rebekkah is 12 years old today.
I can't figure out where the time has gone.
She has been a source of joy, laughter and love for us. The past 12 years has not been all roses and sunshine of course, but I cannot imagine my life without her in it. We waited 8 years before she arrived. And she took her sweet time in getting here (1 week over due). She made up for lost time by learning to walk by 9 months. She is artistic, creative, and is a dreamer in every sense of the word. She loves horses, dogs and children (in that order) and can often times be found playing with a younger child at church, in the neighborhood or at the park while her brother is playing baseball.
In the blink of an eye she went from this:
To this

To Big Sister

To student

To the beauty she is today!
My sweet girl, I love you more than words can say. You are precious to me and to your daddy. You are even more precious to your Heavenly Father who loves you so much more than we can.
I am so thankful that He trusted us to raise you to love and serve Him.


Teri said...

She's beautiful Jill!

jennyhope said...

My daughter will be 3 in June and it is so true how fast it flies! She is so cute! =)