Saturday, June 14, 2008


Rebekkah graduated from 6th grade yesterday. I didn't realize what a huge deal this would be.

They all processed in as a full class of 2008, sat together in chairs. The principal opened with a speech and then each of the teachers presented their class with awards and achievements of their time in Elementary school. There were many tears from the teachers, students and some of the parents. I was doing well until the class stood up, turned to face the parents and sang a song about being their heroes. The kids left the gym and made their final walk through the halls of the school, being cheered along the way by the teachers they had grown up with.

Then it was time to party!


Susan said...

I so love your girl. She always quietly walks up to me and if I don't see her, she'll say my name and then give me her big old grin until I reach out and pull her in for a hug. Which is what she wanted in the first place! Oh crap...I'm tearing up as I write this. I am so going to miss you guys.

Teri said...

Awww Jill...that is awesome! What a nice thing for the kids to remember!