Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fabulous Women

I went away this past weekend with this group of fabulous women:

They have meant more to me the past couple of years than they will ever know. We have laughed together, prayed together, cried together and played together. We have shopped for the perfect sunglasses, eaten many a meal together and poured over scripture with one another. These are the ladies responsible for my enjoying a cup of coffee, eating an occasional piece of dark chocolate and introducing me to Cracker Barrel and southern food. They are like the sisters I didn't have growing up. God placed them in my life when I needed them the most to teach me some very valuable lessons that I would have otherwise missed.


Teri said...

That is beautiful Jill! God is so good to meet our needs in such a way! You all look so beautiful!

Susan said...

I'm sure we will continue to learn ya some lessons ;)

Missing you already :(