Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I can't believe it has taken me this long to get back here and post about the wild weekend.
After school on Friday we went to Raft Night at the pool. I hadn't planned to stay until the pool closed, but it felt good to just sit and visit with other adults while the children were occupied.
I love that they can swim well enough to not have to get in the water with them anymore or to watch them every moment.

Saturday was time trials for swim team. Both kids took time off of their times from last year.

We ran from the pool to the baseball field where Jakob played in the Championship game for the Single A - B bracket. His team came in second, but because they were awarded trophies, it didn't seem like such a loss to the boys.
That evening we spent at Susan's house to celebrate the graduation of her son.

Sunday was church, the music was great! And then we spent the day together as a family doing what David wanted to do for Father's Day. Later that evening we celebrated graduation with a young lady that we met when we were stationed in California. I cannot believe that she was in the 2nd grade when we met her and now she graduates. Where does the time go?

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Susan said...

Could that young lady you met in California when she was in 2nd grade possibly be my future daughter-in-law???? lol.