Saturday, July 19, 2008


The packers have come and gone, the house is empty and echoes can be heard throughout....
I am sitting here at a table where my desk once stood and I am typing on my husband's laptop while the rest of the family is watching Looney Tunes or napping downstairs.

My daughter is handling the move pretty well, but my son...let's just say, "not so much". He is having a difficult time with it. He is a lot like me. (I'm not exactly handling the move very well either, I just know how to deal with it better than he does). Pray for him (and me).

I am hoping for a little bit of down time this week. I have a Dr. appointment on Monday, but other than that, no big committments. I would like to have lunch or dinner with my girlfriends before I go (this is a must do). And of course I have to clean the house and turn the keys over to the landlord.