Friday, March 7, 2008

Living 6th Grade Over Again

I have done 6th grade! I completed it more than 20 years ago, so why do I have to repeat it?
I guess the answer to that question is because I have a 6th grader of my own now.
I am learning about the Revolutionary War, fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios. I am learning about the Periodic Table and the beginnings of Astronomy. I am learning new vocabulary and practicing my spelling once again. As I think about it, I didn't learn some of these things until Jr. High or High School.
I have to sit by and watch the pain and frustration that come from learning to deal with other girls in 6th grade. I have to begin the process of letting go of my girl and let her begin to make choices of her own. (Wow, that hurts).
I have to pray for both of my children daily for strength, for protection, for them to be kind and helpful to others, to be respectful of the authorities placed over them, to love one another and to grow closer to the one who protects them.


Teri said...

I have a sixth grader too! It is a boy though! And, just to let you know, he is officially smarter than I am! Seriously, I can't help him with his math! (the other stuff I can help somewhat!) Thank God he doesn't ask for help too much, but he does go to his dad mostly!

Susan said...

Thankfully, Caleb is our third child and even though he is in 6th grade...he's officially on his own. Just kidding. But we DO stress LESS about him...I guess (hope?) it's because we know it will all work out. Just look at the problems!, so maybe we better stress A LITTLE. lol.

Seriously...your girl is an amazing girl. I absolutely love her to pieces. She's smart, beautiful, athletic, she loves Jesus, she is chatty and huggy/smoochie with me...she'll be just fine. Not to say it won't be rocky at times...have you been taking notes from our lives with teenagers?

Like I keep telling you...prayer, prayer, prayer and do not allow her to slam the door closed on communication.

Love u.

P.S. Thank you for the brownies :)