Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Got up this morning.
Took a shower.
Wandered downstairs.
Kissed husband goodbye.
Ate a bowl of cereal.
Fixed a cup of coffee.
Checked email.
Wandered back upstairs.
Dried my hair.
Woke the darlings for school.
Watched segment on Longaberger on the Morning Show.
Spilled coffee all over self, bed and floor.
Cleaned up spill.
Started to get dressed.
Reached for the deoderant.
Sprayed hairspray on pits.
Going back to stick deoderant and
Going back to bed.


Teri said...

Not only did I like yesterdays post...I really enjoyed this one too...Mama said there'd be days like this eh? (It all wraps up with a song for me!)

Hope the day gets better!

Jeni said...

Ha ha ha...

That's funny. We've all been there, I think. Well, maybe not EXACTLY there - I don't think I've ever mistaken my hairspray for my deodorant. But I have almost put ointment on my toothbrush.

Susan said...

Speaking of hairspray on your pits...I really, really loved your hair on Sunday! We'll talk...

Love u.